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sss-4Q. What do I do if I’ve been in an Auto Accident?
A. Car accidents are unanticipated and stressful. Here are a few important tips to help you in the event of an accident:

  • Check for injuries, and call 911 when in doubt.
  • If the accident is minor, move to the side of the road to avoid traffic.
  • Turn on your hazard lights.
  • Call the police.
  • If possible take photos of both vehicles and damages incurred
  • Make immediate notes about the accident (where the damage occurred on all vehicles involved, witness information, driver’s license number, driver’s car registration name, etc.).
  • Do not accept fault of the accident. Limit discussion until the police arrive.
  • Do not sign any document unless the police or your insurance agent request that you do.
  • Notify your insurance agent.

Q. How do I get my car towed to Advanced Auto Body? Who pays for the towing?
A. Call Advanced Auto Body right away. We work with all major auto insurance companies and can guide you through the next steps that make the best sense for you and your budget. We will call a tow truck company with whom we work closely. The towing charges are usually billed through your insurance company, and will become a part of the overall repair bill.

Rental Car
Q. Can Advanced Auto Body help me get a rental car?
A. Yes – Advanced Auto Body has Hertz rental car on site, and Enterprise rental car is only a mile down the road. Check with your insurance to see if you have rental car coverage. If you do, ask them about the different types that they will cover and the number of days available for rental car coverage. When your car is ready, you can leave the rental car at Advanced Auto Body. No hassles.

Q. How do I get an estimate of the damage?
A. Our team will get started immediately after talking with you and your insurance
company. We have five trained estimators on site who invest considerable time and energy into preparing a thorough estimate. Estimates are the first step in a negotiation between an insurer and Advanced Auto Body. We work with all major insurance companies and know what each insurance company requires to approve a repair. We take pride in our ability to overcome such obstacles in the interest of our customers.

Q. Why are your prices sometimes higher than other body shops?
A. When it comes to repairing your car, you want to avoid the trap of finding the “best deal”. You will end up getting what you pay for. Yes, you might save money on a value repair, but you could get something back that is not structurally safe. Going to a professional is safer and more reliable. We only perform the safest repairs that hold the original structural integrity of a vehicle.

Repair Process
Q. How long will it be before Advanced Auto Body begins work on my car?
A. This can vary from customer to customer, depending on a number of factors including the level of damage to your car, whether or not you are still able to drive it, and much more. For example, if your car is not drivable we will take it right away. Usually customers who have their vehicle towed in can expect a longer repair than someone who was in a minor accident. Repairs typically begin after an initial estimate is completed and any necessary parts are ordered.